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ILO DNS Problem

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ILO DNS Problem


I have problems reaching ILO with DNS Name in a not trusted domain. This domain is part of our company but for legal reasons separated.

The DNS of the not Trusted Domain is registered as secondary DNS Zone in our DNS Zone and my DNS Server registered as secondary DNS Zone in the not Trusted Domain.

DNS Name resolution works for Server and workstations but not for ILO.

Any idea how to solve this?





Re: ILO DNS Problem

Which ILO version is that?

Did you refer the ILO user guide to ensure the settings are right?

Also for testing, if you add it in the trusted DNS server, does it work alright?

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Re: ILO DNS Problem

Hi, In addition to my good suggestions from my colleague. Maybe check if you use static or DHCP IP and if it makes a difference when you move to DHCP (with or without DHCP reservation at the backend for having always the same IP). I did run before into similair issues in our own lab where we had 2 different DNS zones liked you had and when doing the automatic DHCP and DNS integration by default from the DNSserver (dynamic dhcp mode in windows server DNS) then it would work as expected but with static DNS I could not get this to work properly.

Maybe it could help you?

Cheers, jeroen


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