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ILO Dynamic DNS registration

Ryan Bess

ILO Dynamic DNS registration

We have our ILO ports Dynamically Register with DDNS and from the looks of it some of them are being Scavanged out of DDNS.

How often do the ILO ports try and re-register with DDNS? Is it possible to force the ILO ports to do a Dynamic Registration..aka..just like in windows you can do ipconfig /registerdns.

pratap m keshava
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Re: ILO Dynamic DNS registration

If the Primary DNS server returns NOT AUTHORITATIVE when we attempt to register, iLO will pull the IP address of the authoritative server from the packet sent by the Primary DNS server. iLO will then attempt to register with that server.

Should that server also prove non-authoritative, iLO will wait half an hour and attempt to register with the Primary DNS server.

It will be up to the user to see that IP address to name mappings on the authoritative server are copied to non-authoritative servers.

Hope it answers your question.
Ryan Bess

Re: ILO Dynamic DNS registration

That answeres sum..but how often does the ILO port look to Re-register with DDNS...that is to say "hey Authoritative DDNS server..i'm still here and i'm at address.

As you probably know, when using Dynamic DNS you use scavagenging to keep your zones clean. If the ILO port does not re-register every so often, eventually scavangenging will kick in and will mark the DNS record as Stale and will be deleted.

Also, how can i FORCE the ILO port to register?
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Re: ILO Dynamic DNS registration

Hi Ryan,

It appears the DDNS registration occurs only upon iLO processor startup. From the user guide here:

"The WINS or DDNS server must be up and running before the iLO 2 Management Port is powered on, and the iLO 2 Management Port must have a valid route to the WINS or DDNS server."

It seems you may be better off manually creating host records in DNS for your iLO processors ... or perhaps scripting a regular restart for all iLO processors (not likely I bet!)

Good luck!