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ILO Federation Multicast Address For Discovery

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ILO Federation Multicast Address For Discovery

Hi ,

as i was reading the manual of ILO Federation , it was mentioned that :

For networks with Layer 3 switches:
For IPv4 networks: Enable PIM on the switch and configure it for PIM Dense Mode
i wanted to know what is the multicast address?
thank you

Re: ILO Federation Multicast Address For Discovery


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Multicast means " One to Many" . It will broadcast from one server iLO to other servers iLO.

iLO uses multicast discovery, peer-to-peer communication, and iLO Federation groups to
communicate with other iLO systems.
•Each multicast announcement is approximately 300 bytes, and you can configure the time
between announcements on the Group Configuration page.
•iLO Federation groups allow iLO to encrypt and sign messages to other iLOs in the same
•iLO Federation groups can overlap, span racks and data centers, and group servers of the
same type.
•An iLO system can be in up to 10 iLO Federation groups.
•iLO systems in multiple locations can be managed together if the network is configured to
forward multicast traffic.

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