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ILO Perl module -- feedback requested

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ILO Perl module -- feedback requested

I'm an engineer working with a few thousand HP servers and I've developed a Perl module for accessing and interacting with ILO:

I've been using it in production here for about two years and finally got it complete to the point where I was comfortable releasing it to CPAN.

I was hoping that this module could simplify the lives of some engineers on this board, and I could get valuable feedback about any features that should be added or bugs that should be removed.
Robert Schüttler
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Re: ILO Perl module -- feedback requested

Looks good! :-)


Just two short questions:


1) iLO us at version 4 with Gen8 servers. Any need for a module update or can this be used "as is" without problems?


2) Is there a way to dump (and possible re-read/activate) the entire iLO configuration for a server? That would be extremely useful to keep the settings for multiple machines in sync.