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ILO Startup

Kishor Raghavani
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ILO Startup


I am currently configuring our ILO ports on each of your servers. I have configured the IP address on each of the servers, but i was wondering how i get hold of the Web Portal software so i can start controlling the servers.


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Re: ILO Startup

Just use a browser to login to iLO. Make sure you know the following:

1) The default user account credentials. These are printed on a sticker on the server chassis. If you do not have them, you can use iLO RBSU to configure a "known" user account. Access iLO RBSU using when prompted during POST.

2) The iLO network IP Address or DNS name. If you have iLO plugged-into the network, it is configured by default as a DHCP client. The DNS name is also on the sticker. You can also use iLO RBSU to get and/or assign a static IP address.

3) On a client system on the network, open a browser like IE6 or Mozilla and enter the iLO network address. Try the IP address if the DNS name does not work. You will see a spash screen and then a security dialogue.

4) Accept the iLO security certificate, and enter the default user credentials.

5) Click on the remote console tab, and then on the remote console (dual cursor) choice. This will activate a java applet stored in iLO in another browser window. If you have any problems with this step, you may need to install a current JVM. The Remote Console Information page in iLO has a link to download a JVM.

Finally, note that graphical remote console requires an iLO Advanced license key on non-blade servers. You can download a free, 30-day evaluation key from here:
Then click on iLO Advanced then on Free Trial

There is a lot of good information on the web, such as best practices and the user manuals (which goes into much better detail on using iLO).

From the iLO page, check out "Support and documentation" then Manuals

For utilities, from the iLO page, check out "Software and Drivers"

For useful technology whitepapers, from the iLO page, check out "Server Management" then "Technology Papers"