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ILO Virtual Floppy Insert

David Graham_8

ILO Virtual Floppy Insert

I looking for ideas from anyone,

I am attempting to initiate a virtual floppy insert remotely using the cpqlocfg utility. I am using the xml file, the syntax is correct and it works on RILOE I and II's

I do not want to execute from the server itself (HPLOCFG), I do not want to use the HPLOVM util.

It would appear that the ILO does not support the inserting of the floppy without actually logging into the RIB.

Here is the XML code.....

Honored Contributor

Re: ILO Virtual Floppy Insert

Your image URL is not valid for iLO.

This syntax works for RILOE because the image is transferred/buffered at the board, but this is not the case with iLO.

You must specify the image url as a file on a web server, ala,

iLO pulls the image data from the URL as it is requested.