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ILO and Blade Topology

Asif Bashir
Occasional Contributor

ILO and Blade Topology


I have 3 blade enclosures. 2 have BL20p G2 Server (mixture of w2k and 2003). I enclosure has BL25p's.

some problems i have are:

1. ILO does not show the rack view via any of the server's ILO. I get the message Unable to collect rack data:

It is possible that another iLO is performing the same operation.

Please use the Refresh button to try again in a few seconds.

This operation requires every enclosure Management Module in the rack to have Firmware Release 2.10 or higher.

Firmware is uptodate on Enc 3 but not the others (somthing i will do)

2. How can i rename the third enclosure as it does not meet the naming convention. I thought i can do this from ILO

3. I cant access the ILO of one of the BL25p's. I think it has a static IP. I have reste the ILO to default settings but th eServer does not show on DHCP. Can i connect a cable and use

4. In HP SIM 5.1, the power enclosure has a ? against each unit. with the message "upgrade ilo firmware to 1.8 or later to view the power supply information"

Ilo's in enc 1/2 have 1.8

Any help will be appreciated.

David Claypool
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Re: ILO and Blade Topology

1. Yes, get them all current to 2.32
2. Your problems should go away with current fw.
3. Yes
4. This refers to the power enclosure firmware which should be at 2.32
Asif Bashir
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Re: ILO and Blade Topology

thanks David.

Can you confirm where i can download the ILO firmware (.bin file not .exe)

I searched on the HP site but its showing the latest version of 1.89

Also the current rack components look like this

Power Enclosure Ver 2.20
Server Blade Enclosure 2.32
Server Blade Enclosure 2.30
Server Blade Enclosure 2.30

David Claypool
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Re: ILO and Blade Topology

All HP server software/drivers/utilities can be accessed from the shortcut

Your enclosures all need "Server Blade and Power Management Module Firmware version 2.32"

The iLO .bin files are not distributed separately any more. Get the 'Component Pack' version of the .exe files and you can update from the OS or using HP SIM Version Control. To get the .bin file, run the .exe and select [Extract] and that will place the .bin file in that directory.
Asif Bashir
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Re: ILO and Blade Topology

Hi David,

I have upgraded all ILO firmware to 1.89

but when i run the Rack upgrade i get the error:

Component: Power Enclosure
Serial Number:
Address: 43A1
Status: Firmware upgrade failed

This happens when i try the upgrade utility t from any of the blade servers.

any Ideas?

do you think i need to reset the management modules?
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Re: ILO and Blade Topology

The rack firmware upgrade has some prerequisites:

For Linux Operating Systems:
- HP Server Management Drivers and Agents
- HP Lights-Out Drivers and Agents

For Windows Operating Systems:
- HP ProLiant Rack Infrastructure Interface Service
- HP ProLiant Integrated Lights-Out Management Interface Driver

Check that these are current, as the enclosure manager needs all the links in the chain running to receive the firmware update.