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ILO and harddisk faillures

Joris Deschacht
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ILO and harddisk faillures


We've got an DL380 server with a stripped linux version installed that's controls an machine park.
Since no modifications can be done to this OS we would like to monitor this machine by using ILO .
Is it possible in any way to send alerts when there is a Disk failure or something goes wrong in the raid/array through ILO ?

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Re: ILO and harddisk faillures

iLO can be used to forward SNMP alerts from the OS. If you have management support for the storage subsystem, you could use this mechanism to monitor the disks via iLO.

However, at this time, iLO does not directly monitor storage attached to the server.
Craig Bailey
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Re: ILO and harddisk faillures

I also have a similar requirement and would think being able to monitor disks in the array via ILO would be a common feature request.

Is there any ETA on this feature being included in ILO?

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Re: ILO and harddisk faillures

Yes I too am now running into a similar situation.

I just installed VMWare ESXi 3.5 as the OS on a DL360 G5 and I want to monitor the disks on the system. No point in installing PSP to the virtual machine because it won't see the physical disks.

Wondering if anyone has there is other ideas around how to do this? Thanks

Simon Haslam

Re: ILO and harddisk faillures

The lack of ESXi/iLO integration with onboard RAID seems to a common question, without a satisfactory solution yet. It seems that the iLO needs to recognize the RAID card (which I know some other manufacturers do) - then you wouldn't need the OS support.

I had a hardware failure yesterday and noticed that the UID light on the server started flashing - this is also indicated in the iLO 2 summary page. I don't know whether you get the same result if you have a failure via the RAID controller - if so, you could at least check the status manually from the iLO (this would need testing and, of course, is still not ideal).