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ILO does not work!

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ILO does not work!

I am a newbie to HP server. Now I have two DL180 G5.
I set the IP address, Net MASK and gateway address to their ILOs.

The setting is like Below

DHCP IP Source [static]
IP Address []
Subnet Mask []
Default Gateway []
BMC Ping Response [Enable]

After configuration, I even loged into its ILO web page, http://iLOip

But the second day, I did not know what happened.
Ping iLO IP will get no response even I ping from the DL180 itself.

Is there any one know the reason or meet the same problem.
Any help will be appreciated very much.

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Re: ILO does not work!

I trust you did not use the same IP for the server and iLO or the same address for both iLOs. :)

Pinging iLO from the server or another machine is identical since the server does not communicate internally to the iLO via Ethernet. You can download and use the utility HPONCFG from this site and use it to attempt to reach iLO. If this is a Windows server I would also check to see in Device Manager whether the device has been disabled.

Good luck!