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ILO enter settings remotely?

Larry Betson
Occasional Contributor

ILO enter settings remotely?


I am new to using ILO so please bare with me.

My company just purchased licensing for 200 servers to impliment ILO. Is there a way for me to enter in serial numbers and change administrator passwords without physically going to the console?

Most of these servers are spread out around the country and I would hate to have to fly out to all the remote locations just to do that.

Any suggestions on the best way to do this without physically touching the box would be deeply appreciated.
pratap m keshava
Trusted Contributor

Re: ILO enter settings remotely?

I would like to suggest the following alternatives for your problem.

1. Using HPONCFG utility available in under software and drivers section. For this utility to work you need to have one of windows or linux operating system. You can use the sample xml scripts available in the hp site for changing the password for administrator.

2. If OS is not deployed, you need to have someone in the same location as that of the server to help you out for the first time.

a. If DHCP server is running in the network, iLo can be accessed by the default domain name and password for administrator provided in a "Tag" attached to the server which reads "iLo default network settings".

b. You can ask someone near server to reboot the server, select F8 when prompted (Integrated Lights Out: press F8 to configure) and using the iLo RBSU you can set the network, user passwords and permissions. you can change them later using either Browser interface (under administration tab) or CPQLOCFG utility (can download from hp site).