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ILO issue B: drive NOT A: drive in ML 370 G4

Michael Jay_2

ILO issue B: drive NOT A: drive in ML 370 G4

This was annoying. I needed to run the Windows 2003 install and at first it said that it detected no hard drives so I tried again with the F6 option and the 641 driver files in my A: drive with the Virtual Media set on this server.

This got me way into the install (install running on an existing Windows server that needs repair), it detected and read my A: drive just fine until later in the install it needed to read it again and no luck.

I checked while logged into Windows that the Virtual Drive I had defined for A: was actually being read as drive B:! So the Windows setup either lost connection to the Virtual device altogether OR for some reason it changed over to be drive B:

Any thoughts on how to overcome this issue would be greatly appreciated. I upgraded from 1.82 to 1.91 for the ILO firmware but same issue.