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ILO management

HI all:

We have about 2000 HP Proliant servers spread over few DataCenters, one of our problem is that when some ppl deploy the system, they didn't reset the ILO's password to our standard password. And of course we don't know this until the system's OS crashes and the server is at remote site and we can't troulble shoot the system remotely.

Anyone have any suggestions on what tools I can use to remotely scan the Vlan (our ILO is on a separate Vlan than the server)and verify that the server's ILO password is not set?

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Re: ILO management

You could use the HP Lights-out directory migration utility (just the discovery process). It scans for iLOs, and if the passwords work, retrieves details. If the passwords do not work, then there is less info available. This would be a "negative" confirmation of the systems failed to be configured with appropriate passwords.

As far as deploying the iLOs with correct passwords after the fact, consult this thread: