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ILO nicht erreichbar

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ILO nicht erreichbar

Liebe comunity,

Seit windows10 bekomme ich keine verbindung mehr zu dem webinterface des ilo controllers. Weder per Browser noch per hp remote consolen tool. Mit meinem Telefon klappt das allerdings ohne probleme. Wisst ihr ob es da in Windows eine bestimmte Einstellung gibt oder einen Regestry Eintrag der dies verhindert?

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Since windows10 I get no connection to the web interface of the ilo controller. Neither via browser
nor via hp remote consolen tool. With my phone works but without problems.
Do you know if there is a specific setting in Windows or a regestry entry that prevents this?


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Re: ILO nicht erreichbar

It works with your phone (assuming it is via WiFi in the same LAN)?

Does the ILO use a shared network port?

In this case you cannot access ILO from the same server. This works only with a dedicated ILO NIC.

Hope this helps!

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Re: ILO nicht erreichbar


If it is working via phone and if issue only occurs with you system then check if java is updated in your system. To isolate if issue is only from your system then try to access the ILO through another system or server in the same network.




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