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ILO on ML115 G5 with FreeBSD

Jan Becher
New Member

ILO on ML115 G5 with FreeBSD


I have a ML115 G5 running FreeBSD, but as soon as I install a ILO (HP ProLiant 100 G5 Lights-Out 100c) in the server, It's not starting up, but failing with the error:
Rear fan not running - shutting down.

And just for the record: The rear fan are running

I have tried changing the ILO-card and the server, but it's the same.

Any suggestions
Lima Alpha
New Member

Re: ILO on ML115 G5 with FreeBSD

If the bios version of ML115 is jul 09 then the version firmware of ilo must be 3.11

are the instructions for remotely updating the ilo firmware with server off.