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ILO ugrade to multiple servers

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ILO ugrade to multiple servers

Hi, I have started in a new company and I am new with ILO.

I have to upgrade 200 BL20 server to latest firmware. I have downloaded xml templates and CPQLOCFG.EXE latest version. I have created a textfile with all server IP addresses.
Can somebody please provide me a template/script how upgrade all machines in a batch.

I am really sorry, but I am new to this and I'd like to say thanks in advance for your help.
David Claypool
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Re: ILO ugrade to multiple servers

I suppose you could create a file with the DNS names or IP addresses of all your iLOs and then have a script that opens that up and iterates through it. The easiest way is through HP SIM (which you should be using anyway since you're using blade servers). See "HP Integrated Lights-Out 1.70 Scripting and Command Line Resource Guide" and see the section on 'Group Administration and iLO Scripting' on page 61 where the HP SIM examples start. Find it at --> iLO Standard and Advanced --> iLO Advanced --> Manuals
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Re: ILO ugrade to multiple servers

I call the following batch file:
rem call cpqlocfg.exe -s -l d:\iloup\log\cert.log -f d:\iloup\Import_Cert.xml
call cpqlocfg.exe -s -l d:\iloup\log\network.log -f d:\iloup\Mod_Network_Settings.xml
call cpqlocfg.exe -s -l d:\iloup\log\passwd.log -f d:\iloup\Change_Password.xml
call cpqlocfg.exe -s -l d:\iloup\log\firmware.log -f d:\iloup\Update_Firmware.xml

I am not able to upgrade the firmware, I get: cpqlocfg.exe: ERROR: SSL_read:Connection Terminated:reason(10054)

I need to import the certificate but it doesn't work. I navigate the browser to the ILO board --> VIEW CERTIFICATE --> Tab 'details' --> COPY TO FILE --> Base64 encoded. I copy all to my XML document like in the template.
When logon to the ILO (means YES for accepting the certificate) I get a message: Private key does not hit certificate...

I need to upgrade 200 ILO's

Thanks for help
How to import the ILO's certificate
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Re: ILO ugrade to multiple servers

Hi Joerg.

I have written two CMD files to do that. This is not as sophisticated as VB or Perl but it worked to update about 40 iLOs. It uses a txt files in which I have the parameters (ip, name, login, password) of all the iLOs I want to upgarde. Are you interested ?

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Re: ILO ugrade to multiple servers

If you are trying to update the firmware, this can be done pretty easily with a script. However between any of the operations that cause the firmware to reset (like firmware update or changing network settings), please sleep 60 seconds to allow iLO to reboot.

I suspect your successive scripts attach to iLO just before reset, so the script fails.

I am not sure about the certificate evidence in your script. It looks commented-out.
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Re: ILO ugrade to multiple servers

OliverV, I am interested in you cmd files with the text files.
Can you send it to:

I have also written a script. Changing username/password & network setting is no problem. But updating firmware I get a SSL connection error. When I run the same script again, it works fine!

Why I get the SSL error in the first run and not in the second?

Many thanks to you all
Boon Heng, Eer
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Re: ILO ugrade to multiple servers

Hi Joerg, do you mind to share me the cmd files with the text files for ILO ugrade to multiple servers?

Thank you in advance.
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Re: ILO ugrade to multiple servers

I am extremely interested in the script. Please post it or send it to me.