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ILO with VMware ESX

Occasional Contributor

ILO with VMware ESX

I have one HP DL380 with ESX installed, and I would like to configure ILO. How can I do?. Without doing anything is possible to access to the DL380 using http://ILO Serial Number/ ?. Or do I have to install and agent in the ESX?.

Thanks in advance,
Paul Benford

Re: ILO with VMware ESX

iLO is independant of the operating system installed on the server.

The iLO port is to be attached to a subnet with a active DHCP server and scope properly defined.

When the server is powered on the iLO port will pick up a DHCP address.

Just go to a browser and enter //ilo. The trick is to find the name.

I know of three ways.

The default name may show up in your DNS server. (as indicated by the DHCP properties).It will be prefixed with "ilo" something.

In my shop there is a tag on the front of the server with the ilo name on it.

If still you do not know the iLo name put a keyboard and monitor local boot the server press "F8" to check the ilo configuration for the ilo name.

Andrzej Kowalik
Honored Contributor

Re: ILO with VMware ESX

It is not possible to access iLO via Serial Number ;)
Try login:
By default iLO is configured to use DHCP server - you may change this by pressing F8 key during startup process.
Andrzej Kowalik
Occasional Contributor

Re: ILO with VMware ESX

Thanks for your help.