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ILO2 SNMP-Passthru Question

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ILO2 SNMP-Passthru Question


i have to monitor an application on a Proliant server, placed in an DMZ without connection to the internal LAN, but i have problems passing SNMP-messages thru the ILO2 connection to monitor an specific application.

I ave enabled SNMP-Passthru @ ILO

I configured the App and the Testtool to send traps to localhost /

Ive managed to get the Test Trap of the System Mangement HomePage go out the Ilo Interface, but not the traps of the application, nor traps generated by an snmp-testing-tool.

Is it possible to passthru SNMP messages (other than Insight Agent traps) sended to localhost or is this function valid only for traps sended by the HP Insight Manager agents?

And if (other than Insight Agent traps) snmp-passthru is possible, how is the configuration?

Any help will be appreciated!

Thank You!
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Re: ILO2 SNMP-Passthru Question

I'm pretty sure that the purpose of the SNMP passthru agent running on the guest OS is to catch traps sent to the iLO2, handed over via the PCI bus, and re-direct them into the localhost SNMP collector.


E.g., what you're asking is functionality that this system wasn't designed to solve.


Anyone else have a comment?

Brian A Seklecki
Fedex Services