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ILO2 and virtual media

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ILO2 and virtual media


I am trying to connect a ISO via ILO-2 virtual media. From a linux/firefox session I am getting a complaint from ILO-2 about slashes:
Error extracting DLL
(java io.FileNotFoundException: /home/me\cpqma21762307.dll (Permission denied))

Notice the wrong slash (\ instead of /).
I checked the firmware of the ILO-2 board. That is 1.21, so the latest version available.

Next I thought I might give it a try to use Internet Explorer for mounting the ISO. This seemed to go a bit better. I am able to mount a local CD-rom. It is unclear to me why ILO-2 virtual media is unable to mount a file, but only works with a physical CD-rom. (For floppies there _is_ an option to mount a local file).
I tried to bypass this missing feature by installing the daemon tools on the windows box. Browsing the local 'E'-drive now works and I can browse the CD image. The strange thing is that as soon as I try to mount the CD within ILO-2, java crashes. I've got the latest version of Java installed on the windows box and the crash report does not give a lot of clue on what might be wrong.

So is there a way to get the virtual media working? I would realy like the server to boot from a virtual CD. The server is a Proliant ML570 G2.
barnett chan
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Re: ILO2 and virtual media

Use java 1.4.2_11. The newer Java 1.5, and 1.6 is not supported on Linux clients. There is also a new firmware avaiable. The latest is 1.35.
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Re: ILO2 and virtual media

I agree with bwc
You can try using the activeX console of the ilo2 instead of the java one too
rick jones
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Re: ILO2 and virtual media

Just to be clear - are you only using the iLO2 Virtual Media, or are you also trying to use the virtual console?
there is no rest for the wicked yet the virtuous have no pillows
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Re: ILO2 and virtual media

Thanks for the replies so far.

Just to be clear: the board is a ILO-2 pci card. On the HP website the latest firmware version still is 1.21. ( and

I am affraid that I am unable to downgrade the java version on the windows box, as I am not the maintainer of that machine and the real admins won't allow a downgrade of java as that might affect other users on that terminal server.
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Re: ILO2 and virtual media

Forgot to answer Rick Jones:
The virtual console works fine from Windows (from Linux java seems to hang most of the time). Telnetting into it from Linux does works though.
The bigest problem that I encounter (so far) is that I am unable to mount or boot from a ISO file as a virtual CD.

Santosh Kumar Padhy
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Re: ILO2 and virtual media


I understand it may be a delayed response.

To answer, before you mount the CD, in the virtual media, enable the Virtual media port.

Virtual media mounting uses TCP 17988, and that port may not be open in firewall.

On ILO2 admin tab, enable virtual media port and it would work fine.

Let us know if it works