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Re: ILO2 from G5 on a G7

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ILO2 from G5 on a G7

Have over one hundred G3/G4/G5s with ILO Advanced being replaced by 49 G7s.

Want to install licenses from old Proliants on new G7. I don't expect ILO (version 1) to work on a hardware platform of the G7 but ILO 2 does.

The EULA states that the license isn't transferable but can it be moved to future generations products.

Found the following;

Q2. Can I use the same iLO Advanced license for iLO 2 and iLO 3 systems?

A2. Yes. ILO Advanced licenses work with any generation of iLO management processor, so licenses purchased today can be used on future generations of product.

David Claypool
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Re: ILO2 from G5 on a G7

License is not transferable as stated in the EULA. The Q&A refers to compatibility of a license with generations, not portability of a license that already has been applied.