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Iv got DL360/DL380's on my hand with ilo advanced pack, everything works fine except for one thing, cant get ilo time correct, is there any way to sync it with ntp ?

iLO 2 Firmware Version: 1.50 03/12/2008
and now it shows something like:

iLO 2 Date/Time: 02/04/2008 04:04:32

barnett chan
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Re: ILO2

iLO does not support ntp at this time. iLO gets time from system and Agents.
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Re: ILO2

well system time is correct:

system time set with hwclock (in linux)
#hwclock --systohc --debug
Time read from Hardware Clock: 2008/07/26 14:49:27
Hw clock time : 2008/07/26 14:49:27 = 1217072967 seconds since 1969
Time elapsed since reference time has been 0.000995 seconds.
Delaying further to reach the next full second.
Setting Hardware Clock to 17:49:28 = 1217083768 seconds since 1969
ioctl(RTC_SET_TIME) was successful.

and in the same time boxes ilo has wrong time.

iLO 2 Date/Time: 02/04/2008 20:19:46


by Agents You meant Insight Manager ?
David Claypool
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Re: ILO2

You need the 'hprsm' package installed for this to work. Check

rpm -qa | grep hprsm
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Re: ILO2

Not true; iLO2 doesnt; begginign with iLO3 NTP is supported; the support does appear to continue with iLO4 as well