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ILO4 and keyboard layout

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ILO4 and keyboard layout

hi there,


when trying logging in on linux servers via Remote Console (integrated or not), keyboard passes from french to english layout


in a microsoft environment (client using https web UI for ilo) , keyboard changes to english when the mouse is over the ilo remote console window  and change to french over others (in the windows toolbar), and if i force keyboard in windows, it changes automatically to english


in an apple environment with java console, changing keyboard layout had no effect...


in the past, i had a similar problem, and flashing firmware resolves it. But today, the last firmware for ilo4 is dated at may 2012


any idea?


thanks for your help



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[SOLVED] Re: ILO4 and keyboard layout

hi me,


2nd answer to me :)


just configure the OS to the correct layout (linux centos for me, in /etc/sysconfig/i18n), and the ilo remote console will force it (before, it forced it to the wrong keyboard layout)