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ILO4 - firmware update through redfish


ILO4 - firmware update through redfish


I have a specific issue on ILO firmware update through redfish query.

The update works if i use a "http path" for the image location :
body = {}
body["Action"] = "InstallFromUri"
body["FirmwareURI"] = "http://path_to_fw/ilo4_261.bin"
body["TPMOverrideFlag"] = False

url = 'https://%s/redfish/v1/Managers/1/UpdateService/' %(login_host),data=json.dumps(body),headers=headers,verify=False)
=> it's works perfectly.

But, if i used a share windows folder as URI, like this :
body["FirmwareURI"] = "\\\\server\\path$\\ilo4_261.bin"
the request return a 200 status code, but nothing happen & i have this message :
Firmware upgrade via web page failed.

Access are ok on the share (everybody as read) & if i make the upgrade manually, it's working too.
There is a specific way to the format for a windows share in the request ?

Thanks for your help.

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Re: ILO4 - firmware update through redfish

Hi  Bruniche, 

I have looked through the details of the issue you are facing with redfish, 

As per my findings the path \\\\serverpath\\.....  would not be resolved to the http URI and so that does not work.

And hence it throws the 200 error code. 






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