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IPv6 Support on iLO

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IPv6 Support on iLO


I wish to know if iLO 3 support IPv6 natively.

I've tried to read and search around, but the result turn out blank as non of the document specifically mention IPv6 support for iLO3.


Re: IPv6 Support on iLO

Hi Leecs,

One of the HP guide suggests to disable IPV6 while configuring active directory integration with ILO. SO I guess it is not supported. however, searching for doc to validate the same.


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Re: IPv6 Support on iLO

I'm running ILO3 v1.28, and there's still no sign of IPv6 support.


The DoD and US Government have mandated, through Federal Acquisition Requirements (FAR) that all new products purchased must be IPv6 Capable.

IPv6 Capable Products are defined as products that can create or receive, process, and send or forward IPv6 packets in mixed IPv4/IPv6 environments. IPv6 Capable Products shall be able to inter-operate with other IPv6 Capable Products on networks supporting only IPv4, only IPv6, or both IPv4 and IPv6, and shall also: ...etc...


I wonder if this is why the military customers I deal with are switching to Dell. iDRAC 6 and 7 both have IPv6 support.

Oscar A. Perez
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Re: IPv6 Support on iLO

The next iLO3 release version 1.50 will support IPv6. ETA next month. Stay tuned.

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