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IRC and firmware 1.29 vs. 1.78 and IE 7

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IRC and firmware 1.29 vs. 1.78 and IE 7

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I have two systems, both running Solaris, one on a DL 360 G5 and the other on a BL460c G5 blade. The ILO on the DL 360 is running firmware 1.29, while the blade has 1.78. I can access the IRC on the 1.29 firmware from IE 7, but not with firmware 1.78 - I just get a white window with a "close" button. I can access it with the regular remote console, but action is sluggish. This is within the same instance of IE 7, so I don't think it's a browser problem or a java problem since they're both being accessed from the same Windows desktop in the same browser instance. Is there a problem with the newer firmware revision? Is there a solution?
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Re: IRC and firmware 1.29 vs. 1.78 and IE 7

Delete the activeX component for IRC from IE and open the 1.78 ILO IRC. It should install the again.
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