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Ilo producing SCOM alerts

craig lowrey 10
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Ilo producing SCOM alerts


Our ILO system keep generating MOM/SCOM alerts advising the systems are degraded.

Ive checked ILO and they're fine. The error shows as:

Alert: HP ProLiant iLO interface failure
Source: iLO Interface Health
Path: xx.xx.xx.xx;HP ProLiant xx.xx.xx.xx Last modified by: System Last modified time: 29/09/2010 15:05:27 Alert description: The iLO (integrated lights out) interface is in degraded (3) or failed (4) state.

Status: 3

There servers are running Vsphere 4 update 1 and Ilo versions 2.01 and 1.94. Severs are dl580 G3 and dl585.

Can anyone help?