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I have two NAS server (DL380 type) I upgraded from win2000 to win2003.
With the win upgrade I also did the firmware upgrade.
One of the Ilo on one server stopped working for no apparent reason ( It have the same setting as before)
On the other server it work ok.
I upgraded the not working one to firmware version 1.91 with not much result.

I can't use the shared ilo on NIC.
I have answer to my ping on the Ilo address.

What can I do how do I troubleshoot this?


Honored Contributor

Re: Ilo


what do you mean with no working?
you don't have access to the ilo browser?
or you have access but remote console is not working?

have you tried establishing a SSH session? download putty and add the ip and check the results I mean if you can login using user / password?


try establishing a ssh session just for test purpose

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
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Re: Ilo

I mean that the Ilo browser is not working, remotly or localy using the management.

For now I can't install anything like putty for security reason (high security site).

I can use remote desktop or VNC but it's not on the same port as the ILO.

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Re: Ilo

Since you are able to ping the iLO is OK..

Check the firewall, check the client browser..

What erro do you get? white screen? can't find the page?
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Re: Ilo

The firewall is not on.
I get a " The page cannot be displayed "

I was trying on my other NAS and it log on as https: .
My not working NAS is only going on http as if it cannot do a secure connection.
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Re: Ilo

Here is a suggestion, let us know if this works. Sorry that it is heavy-handed.

Boot the server with the iLO connectivity problem. Enter iLO RBSU using F8 (it presents during POST) and then reset iLO to defaults.

iLO resets after exiting iLO RBSU.

Wait 30 seconds after exiting, then reset the server again, enter iLO RBSU.
1) set the Administrator password
2) set the network port up.
3) Exit RBSU. iLO will reset again (network settings changes).

Wait 30 seconds, reset the host.

iLO displays the IP address during POST. Now try to reconnect using the new Administrator account credentials.
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Re: Ilo

One last thought: make sure your iLOs do not have a network name conflict (DNS name).
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Re: Ilo

It work! I just reset the setting and it did the trick.

Thanks a lot you've been a great help