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Ilo2 update?

ilia sprite
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Ilo2 update?

I have bought proliant dl 360 g5 with ILO2, and it's remote console doesn't work as good, as ilo1.

i've found that i have to upgrade my ilo 1.22 to ilo 1.24, but did not found any ways to do that, because i have neither suse linux, nor redhat, not windows 2000 and all that stuff, that i've found on download page.

Did someone know, where can I get plain ilo2_126.bin, that i can upload into my ILO via build-in firmware update service?
Or how to make my remote console work... it delays responce on my keys for 5-10 seconds..
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Re: Ilo2 update?

Download the firmware image from the web site and extract the contents to a temporary directory.

Among the component contents is the iLO .bin file (the firmware image file) that can be used.

You can extract from any of the OS components, although I provided a link to the Windows one.