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Integrate iLO5 to HP SIM 7.3 with SNMPv3 (with AMS)

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Stephan G
Regular Advisor

Integrate iLO5 to HP SIM 7.3 with SNMPv3 (with AMS)

Hi everyone,

i did not find anything that would me further troubleshoot.

I got a new server and wanted to use SNMPv3 due to security reasons for traps & read.
I now added a read string with IP adress at the end to get the data.

It took me the whole morning for such (i would say) easy configuration steps with no success ..
SIM still says: SNMPv3 not available

Also in the setting (ilO) it says: 

Also Directory Auth with LDAP ... i can authenticate with my user (UPN) and it can resolve the Groups (which i added) but i cannot login.

Is there a step by step - get your ilo4/5 to HP SIM with higher security standards?
I started this to make a template for all ILOs we have. Is there an easy way to deploy this config (if it is working in the end) to all ilOs?


Re: Integrate iLO5 to HP SIM 7.3 with SNMPv3 (with AMS)

Hi Stephan,

HPE SIM 7.3 was EOS before iLO5 release i.e. before announcement of Gen10 servers.

For monitoring the iLO5 in HPE SIM, please upgrade HPE SIM to the latest version 7.6 with latest hotfix.

Please refer HPE SIM Installation and Configuration guide with HPE SIM User guide for discovering a system in HPE SIM.

HPE Integrated Lights Out (iLO 5) for Gen10 Servers - Configuring iLO Management Settings -

For iLO5 related issues, please refer the iLO5 user guide.

If you are still getting login issues with iLO5, please raise a support ticket with HPE.



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Stephan G
Regular Advisor

Re: Integrate iLO5 to HP SIM 7.3 with SNMPv3 (with AMS)

Hi KK,

i was wrong. I already have 7.6 installed. Latest hotfixes were not. So i added them and voila.

Normal: The system responded to an SNMP request; it supports SNMP Protocol
and has a valid read community string.
* Checking for SNMPv3 protocol support on system...
Normal: The system responded to a SNMPv3 request; it supports SNMPv3
Protocol and has a valid credential.
* Running HPE ProLiant management agent identification...

Thanks for you help