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LDAP eDir Schema-free

Robert Wellman
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LDAP eDir Schema-free

I am attempting to setup Schema-free authentication using Novell eDirectory. My system is a DL380 G3 with iLO Firmware 1.82. Has anyone had any luck getting this to work with eDir? Error is below.

I have:
Created a group and assigned members
Entered the correct DNS name for an eDir server
Entered Directory User Context 1 information
Set rights and FQN for the Administrator group

Unable to authenticate test user {LoginName} [No login rights]
Ceasing tests.
pratap m keshava
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Re: LDAP eDir Schema-free

Schema-free directory login works only with Active directory setup. It doesn't work with Novell eDirectory. For more information see the iLo user's guide.