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LO100 not responding

Rune Fredriksen
New Member

LO100 not responding

Have several dl140G3 and dl160G5 with the latest bios and ilo-firmware.
I use a script that polls the temperature reported on the sensors-page. The poll runs every 5 mins. This used to work fine, but after I upgraded to the latest firmware the iLO stops responding after about 24h. When in this state iLO will not respond to http or telnet.

Only way to get it back up and running is by removing the power, wait 30 sec and hook it up again.

Any way to get around this? Is there a limit on how many polls you can run pr hour?

The best would be if iLO-port could do SNMP and I could poll that instead of http :)

I hope some of you have a good solution for this problem so I don't have to stop polling for temps.
T. Hiukkanen

Re: LO100 not responding

Having very similar problem, see

Please do a post here if you get any more info about this problem.