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LO100c - new firmware questions - domain and DNS


LO100c - new firmware questions - domain and DNS

The new v3.11 firmware for the LO100c adds some new settings in the Network Setting section of the web interface.

You can now add a couple of DNS servers to the configuration. I have added my DC/DNS server's IP address - but what is the point of this? I still cannot seem to reach the web interface by typing in the hostname that I have input.

Also, the DNS Configured Domain Name that I have input (the name of my domain) is not the same as the DNS Current Domain Name. I tried adding the card as a computer in Active Directory, but it still does not seem to join the domain. Do I need to make sure that I am using a domain account in the User Admin section? Does it need to be an Admin account? I am wary of putting a domain admin account's credentials into the LO100c config.

Also, what is the reason for having the LO100c join the domain anyway (in additon to my question about why it needs DNS server information)?