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Lights our DR environment

Lance Pelton
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Lights our DR environment

I have been working on a standby disaster recovery environment. We have developed a PXE boot load that uses a RAM drive and loads the HP drivers and allows us access through the iLO/RILO in each device. I cannot get the SNMP traps to reach our management console. We are trying to forward the Insight traps to a unicenter console. If anyone here has a better solution that I can put in quickly, I would love to here it.
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Re: Lights our DR environment

You can send SNMP traps through iLO. Check the SNMP/Insight Manager page settings where you can specify SNMP destination addresses. Then you can issue a test trap to see if it picked-up by the management console.

From that point on, if you are using the HP drivers and agents, you should be able to do MIB gets and walks and SNMP traps through the iLO network interface.