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Locked out of iLO 3

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Locked out of iLO 3

After cinfuiguring an iLO3, I can't log in as administrator or as myself.  Is there a script that I can run to reset the settings back to default so I won't have to go onsite and reboot the server to do this?  Thanks!

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Re: Locked out of iLO 3

At least you were able to create a user for yourself.  What is the Deal with ILO 3?   Thee must be SOME automated way to set up ILO users.  I used to do this on my older boxes with IPMITOOL, now I get nothing but errors:


root@s:~# ipmitool user set name 2 admin 

Set User Name command failed (user 2, name admin): Parameter out of range


root@d:~# ipmitool user set password 1 12341234

 Set User Password command failed (user 1): Request data length invalid


People can't be looking on the stupid piece of paper for every password.   Someone tell me how to change this info without having some random card on every single box I configure.


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Jimmy Vance

Re: Locked out of iLO 3

if you have remote acess to the OS, you can install the iLO channel driver and hponcfg. hponcfg can be used to modify iLO setting on the same host its being executed on without needing a valid login.

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