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Lost password for ILO

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Lost password for ILO

Hi all,

I've got a bunch of ILO cards taken off older Proliant servers. I'm about to use them in some other machines with vga/keyboard loopbacks.

However I don't know the admin passwords for these cards - can I reset it outside of the proper HP Proliant machines, i.e. plugged into some other PCs? If yes, how do I go about it? Will the elsewhere mentioned hponcfg tool work in this case?

The part number of the ILO card is 158731-001

Rajashekar Chintakunta
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Re: Lost password for ILO


The Card that you are having is RILO I card.

Hponcfg utility does not operate with the Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition (RILOE I).

For more information check the following link:

Try the following and check if this helps:
You can either press F8 at the "Compaq Remote Insight (hit [F8] to continue)" screen and select USER -->EDIT -->ADMINISTRATOR and change the password.

You can also boot into system configuration and change it there under the manager users option for the RIB.

Finally, If the RIB applet is loaded this can be changed in the applet

The default password for Administrator is the last four digits of the RIBs serial number. This can be found by selecting F8 on post and choosing about remote insight. It is also located on the label at the base of the RIB.

Hope this helps.