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ML370 with iLO

Dariusz Stochmal
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ML370 with iLO

I’m trying to setup iLO so I can login to it with browser offsite, what port needs to be open on the router for this to work? I can login to iLO no problem with browser when on local network.

Is the special HP management/viewer software for iLO or just using browser is ok and as good as it gets.

I’m newbie to this so any help will be appreciated.
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Re: ML370 with iLO

The firewall ports depend on what iLO features you want to use. Additionally, the iLO port assignments can be reconfigured to work with existing assignments, if you choose.

Log into iLO, navigate to the Global Settings page to see the port assignments.
At a minimum, you need the web server SSL port open, and browse directly to the https://ilo
But the other ports should be explanatory, depending on what service you seek. Here are the defaults (from the help)

Port Configuration

The various TCP/IP ports used by iLO are configurable. This allows for compliance with any site requirements or security initiatives for port settings. These settings do not affect the host.
Changing these settings will usually require appropriate configuration of the web browser used for standard and SSL communication.

Description Default Value
Web Server Non-SSL port 80
Web Server SSL port 443
Virtual Media port 17988
Remote Console port 23
Terminal Services port 3389
Secure Shell (SSH) port 22
Dariusz Stochmal
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Re: ML370 with iLO

That is what I needed, thx.