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ML570 G2 Does Not Shutdown

Tim Wescott_3

ML570 G2 Does Not Shutdown


I have an ML570 G2 that does not power off after a Windows2000 shutdown has been started. The unit goes through the process, but at the point it should power down, it powers up.

Windows2000 has SP4 to the latest security level, but I'm thinking it's more to do with maybe the BIOS or firmware drivers.

As this is a live server it makes it difficult to test things, but I'd appreciate any advise.

Honored Contributor

Re: ML570 G2 Does Not Shutdown

The host ROM contains data that tells the host how to power down. You might want to see if there is a newer system ROM - 4/26/2005 can be downloaded here:

Also, the OS sounds like is is treating this as a "restart" event instead of a "power off" event. You might want to look at that--- I do not know where it would be located in the control panel or registry.

You could tell the server to shut down, and instead power-off using iLO when the OS indicates that it is ready.