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Malformed XML Response from iLO

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Malformed XML Response from iLO

Why is it that the XML response from the iLO looks like this?

MESSAGE='No error'

The RIBCL tag is closed both on the line that it is declared on, and later in the XML document, making the XML malformed and impossible to parse with any standard XML parser that I am aware of.

I have read that HP is using a "dialect" of XML, but when I send an XML message in with the same "formatting/errors" that the iLO returns to me, it complains that my syntax is incorrect.

So in essence, this is either a bug, or a "one way dialect". I can only send in properly formed XML, but my resulting XML response is malformed XML. This looks to be a bug rather than a "dialect", and I am wondering if either I am insane and doing something wrong, or if there are plans to correct it.
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Re: Malformed XML Response from iLO


Error /
MESSAGE='No error'
/> Error you dont create a clause tag

now try this one (attached file)

I'm not the XML master I hope this can help you
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