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Monitoring iLO3 with BMC Portal

Tim Fawcett
Occasional Contributor

Monitoring iLO3 with BMC Portal

Hi - we have 8 new servers, all DL380G7 with iLO3 installed.  We monitor the servers using BMC Portal, which also allows us to monitor the status of the iLOs.  On four of the servers the iLO3 is shown as 'degraded' whereas the other three servers are OK.  In all cases the iLOs appear to be OK, I can log on to them and see their status is OK.  I logged this with BMC support, they asked for some logs which were provided to them.  Their response was as follows:


"From the debug, we can see the following:


DEBUG: 2012/04/25 09:49:12 [INFO]:

-----+ snmpWalkContent for OID:

     | SNMP Walk:

     | 8/26/2011;

DEBUG: 2012/04/25 09:49:12 [INFO]:


     | OtherDevice.Collect.Source(1):

     | Type: SnmpTable

     | SnmpTableOid:

     | SnmpTableSelectColumns: ID;17

     | Table (one value):

     | 0;3;


That tell us that column 17 of the table is returning a value of 3.

According to HP, a value of 3 means notResponding.

Below is an extract from the MIB Browser that identifies this information.


If you have logged into the iLO and not identified a problem, you would need to ask HP why they are returning a value of 3 for column 17 of OID"


Can you assist with this, is there anything I should be checking on the iLOs?