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Mouse Sensitivity and PSP 7.20 and 7.30

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Mouse Sensitivity and PSP 7.20 and 7.30


We are using HP IP Console Switch to manage our Proliant servers. In order to manage HP Proliant servers running Microsoft Windows 2003 from a HP IP Console Switch, you need to set the mouse sensitivity to 10 in the registry. This has to be done for all users including the .DEFAULT user. We do that by creating the following reg value when the installation of the operating system is performed.


If you don’t change this value the mouse cursor doesn’t works as expected when connecting to the switches. The cursor lives its own life and aligning it doesn’t work.

Since the beginning of version 7.20 of Proliant Support Pack for Microsoft Windows Server 2003, the PSP setup program changes the “MouseSensitivity” value to “12”. The PSP setup program does that for all users in the registry, including the .DEFAULT user.
The .DEFAULT user is used by the operating system when no user is logged on the machine and therefore makes it a little bit trickier to logon.

This of course causes problems for us because we have to manually change the registry value back for all users on all machines. The sad thing is that PSP 7.30 setup program changes it back to “12” once again after applying it.

Does anyone know the reason for this strange behavior, and if there’s a way to prevent the setup program from making these
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Re: Mouse Sensitivity and PSP 7.20 and 7.30

I have found what's causing the problem, but I don't know how to fix it.

It's the "HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility" setup program that makes the configuration changes. When the setup program runs it's launching the hponcfg.exe utility with the parameter /mouse /allusers, which according to the helptext do the following: Tune all parameters for all accessible users in the local Registry.
(See the screenshot from Regmon.)

Since this setup is part of PSP and deployed with HP SIM this is a major problem for our company. Every time we perform an update of PSP we lose the mouse cursor settings and with that the possibility to manage our servers connected to the HP IP Console Switches.

I would really appreciate if anyone could guide me in how to fix this problem. To me I doesn't make since that HP should play with these settings. What's next? Removing the screensaver password setting for all users, so we don't have to login every time we manage our servers!
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Re: Mouse Sensitivity and PSP 7.20 and 7.30

HPONCFG modifies the mouse acceleration parameters on the target server, in order to configure them for desired lights-out remote console. This includes setting the mouse sensitivity to 12 for remote console users.

For Windows 2003 and W2KSP3 users, the "high performance" mouse mode of iLO can be used instead of fighting the mouse acceleration woes.

It was believed that running HPONCFG on a server with iLO was a reasonable indication that iLO was being used - not KVMIP, so this change eliminated a hassle related to mouse pointer synchronization- the same type of hassle that KVMIP wants the acceleration set to 10 for.

Normally, HPONCFG adjusts the mouse acceleration to a value of 12 for the .default user. This causes problems with some KVMIP products. However, it can be run to set the value to 10, as you desire:

HPONCFG /mouse /dualcursor

sets the mose sensitivity to 10, and your KVM/IP will work as desired. I believe this also updates the .DEFAULT user.