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Multiple iLO's on 1 WAN IP

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Multiple iLO's on 1 WAN IP


I have several servers in my LAN. They all have ILO. I would like to acces them from outside the LAN as well. But I only have one WAN IP. The nat for my first ilo (using the default ports) works fine. But for the second ilo I changed the default ports into free public ports. I configured the nat in my router according to this one:

src ip=, protocol=TCP, incoming device=INT, dst= --> forwarded to=xx.xx.xx.xx:45000

I did this for all the necessary ports in the router and I changed the ports in my iLO as well.

This however won't work. :(
Am I able to solve this in an other way?

kind regards,

David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Multiple iLO's on 1 WAN IP

It is extremely risky to open up access to your iLOs over the internet through your router. Best practice is to utilize a router that allows for secure tunneling. There are many SMB-oriented routers like this available on the market for under $100.
Emil Velez
Honored Contributor

Re: Multiple iLO's on 1 WAN IP

not a good way

Put a hardened linux box with 2 nics and a firewall on the internet and create a private subnet for the ILO ports.

you ssh to the linux box then ssh to the ilo ports from the linux box. That is probably the most secure way.