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Re: Multiple keystrokes in iLO2 Remote Console

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Michael Stephenson
New Member

Multiple keystrokes in iLO2 Remote Console

Hi All,

Whenever I try and connect to our Proliant through the iLO2 Remote Console, I am unable to type anything without nearly all of my keystrokes being duplicated multiple times.

For example, if I boot the system and try and edit the 'Kernel' line in GRUB, if I press 'e' to edit the line, I am automatically entered into edit mode (at the wrong line) with about 20 e's at the end of the line.
This also means that I am unable to type the root password to enter maintenance mode...!?

Has anyone else seen this before? If so, is there anything I can do to stop it from happening?

It is highly annoying and often results in me wasting hours of time trying to type passwords or delete extra keystrokes when editing.

Many thanks in advance,
Gerardo Arceri
Trusted Contributor

Re: Multiple keystrokes in iLO2 Remote Console

This should fix that annoying problem:

Make sure the ILO Remote Console is NOT open.
Open up the ILO Web Interface, go to Remote Console / Settings, make sure Key Up/Key Down is DISABLED.
Open RC and enjoy.
Let me know if it doesn't