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Need MIB files of HP iLO

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Need MIB files of HP iLO

We are accrediting HP iLO MIB for alarming of HP iLO.

At the moment we know that the we receive Alarms related to HP iLO from following MIBs:








We need to know the exhaustive list of MIBs because in the past it has happened twice that we came to know about new MIBs after we accredited a set of MIBs. Can anyone please let us know which all MIBs are installed on HP iLO?

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Re: Need MIB files of HP iLO

this would be helpful for me to


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Re: Need MIB files of HP iLO

According to iLO security whitepaper, iLO does not have any independent SNMP support at all. Instead it has a SNMP pass-through feature, allowing the SNMP queries sent to iLO be forwarded to the OS SNMP support, and replies and trap messages sent out through the iLO interface via the OS iLO driver. So the list of supported MIBs may also vary depending on which OS you're running and which version of SNMP services you're running on the OS, and which version of HP health monitoring drivers you've installed.


HP Integrated Lights-Out Security whitepaper:

Near the bottom of page 24, it says:

iLO acts strictly as a pass-thru service for SNMP functions. The SNMP port is one of only two ports in iLO that pass traffic to the OS through the iLO driver. [...]