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New HPEiLOCmdlets module ( ) is released for server management


New HPEiLOCmdlets module ( ) is released for server management

Latest verison of HPEiLOCmdlets version released for Gen10 Snap3, Gen9 & Gen 8 servers.

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Below are the list of enhancements in this release:

  • Extended the supportability of Get-HPEiLOHostData cmdlet for iLO 5 device.
  • Enhanced 21 existing cmdlets in the HPEiLOCmdlets module. 
  • Added 29 new cmdlets in HPEiLOCmdlets module.


1. Add-HPEiLOMaintenanceWindow Adds the maintenance window with time period for installation task.
2. Clear-HPEiLOHotKeyConfig Clears the remote console hot key settings.
3. Clear-HPEiLOMaintenanceWindow Deletes all the maintenance windows.
4. Clear-HPEiLORemoteSupportServiceEventLog Clears all the service event logs.
5. Get-HPEiLOChassisInfo Gets the comprehensive target chassis information.
6. Get-HPEiLOChassisPowerCalibrationData Gets the detailed calibration data of the Apollo chassis server.
7. Get-HPEiLOChassisPowerCapSetting Gets the Apollo chassis power capping settings.
8. Get-HPEiLOChassisPowerNodesInfo Gets the node configuration for each node of an Apollo server.
9. Get-HPEiLOChassisPowerRegulatorSetting Gets Apollo chassis power regulator settings.
10. Get-HPEiLOChassisPowerZoneConfiguration Gets the power zone configuration of an Apollo server.
11. Get-HPEiLOFederationPeer Gets the iLO Federation peers.
12. Get-HPEiLOInfo Gets the unauthenticated details of the target iLO.
13. Get-HPEiLOIntegratedRemoteConsoleTrustSetting Gets the Integrated Remote Console (IRC) settings.
14. Get-HPEiLOInvalidFirmwareImage Gets the Invalid firmware image details.
15. Get-HPEiLOMaintenanceWindow Gets the maintenance window list.
16. Get-HPEiLOMaxThreadLimit Gets the maximum thread that can be spawned by the cmdlets of the HPEiLOCmdlets module.
17. Get-HPEiLOPowerMeter Gets both power meter and fast power meter sample details with count.
18. GetHPEiLORemoteSupportServiceEventLog Gets the service event logs.
19. Get-HPEiLOSystemInfo Gets the comprehensive target system information.
20. Read-HPEiLOSMBIOSRecord Decodes the server data and displays SMBIOS information.
21. Remove-HPEiLOMaintenanceWindow Deletes the selected maintenance window
22. Save-HPEiLOAHSLog Saves the Active Health System Log.
23. Set-HPEiLOChassisPowerCapSetting Sets the Apollo chassis power capping settings.
24. Set-HPEiLOChassisPowerRegulatorSetting Sets Apollo chassis power regulator settings.
25. Set-HPEiLOIntegratedRemoteConsoleTrustSetting Sets the Integrated Remote Console (IRC) settings.
26. Set-HPEiLOMaintenanceWindow Sets the maintenance window.
27. Set-HPEiLOMaxThreadLimit Sets the maximum thread that can be spawned by the cmdlets of the HPEiLOCmdlets module.
28. Set-HPEiLORepositoryComponent Sets the existing repository component info settings
29. Start-HPEiLOChassisPowerCalibrationConfiguration Starts Apollo chassis power calibration configuration.

Below are the list of fixes available in this release:

  • Resolved an exception that occurred in Set-HPEiLOBatteryBackUpUnit cmdlet on iLO 5 device with firmware version 1.30 or later. 
  • Redesigned the exception “Feature not supported” with more details including iLO and FW versions in StatusInfo return object. 
  • Set-HPEiLOHotKeyConfig cmdlet fixed to configure the Hot Keys on iLO 5 device.
  • Some of the embedded resource strings were not localized. Missing localizations were added in this update.
  • When regional settings are changed from English to any other format like French in the system settings the cmdlets Start-HPEiLOCertificateSigningRequest, Get-HPEiLOCertificateSigningRequest, and Get-HPEiLOSSLCertificateInfo would return "Feature not supported". This is handled to return the expected data
  • The Get-HPEiLOIPv4NetworkSetting nested property name Mask under IPV4StaticRoute is now changed to SubNetMask in iLO 4. 
  • The Get-HPEiLOLicense return object property name LicenseKey is now renamed to Key at all nested levels.



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