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New to Blades - ILO / LAN Question

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New to Blades - ILO / LAN Question

Hi All,

I have just been given a BL20P G2 Blade system to setup. Its current configuration is unknown and I do not have the ILO / diagnostic cable.

My intention is to erase the current drives / configuration and reinstall Win 2003 from scratch.

If I understand correctly, I may be able to access ILO via a LAN port on the back of the chassis and use DHCP to allocate the IP, however I have been unable to find out which of the 4 ports (for Blade 1) to use and my doco searching has come up with nothing so far.

Can this actually be done, and if so could someone please point me in the right direction to help me get an ILO session going.


Brian Morris