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Newbie ILO2 / ML310G3 questions

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Newbie ILO2 / ML310G3 questions

I finally give up ! I have just acquired a perfectly serviceable ML310 G3 on which I installed my normal Linux SME server (based on CentOS 5).

I've been struggling with installing the various diagnostics but finally got there. It would have been much easier to have a note to say "you need the following list of rpms". Anyhow, the System management pages work OK so I thought I'd turn my attention to ILO.

I have hponcfg, am now quite adept at resetting ILO, reading information & making configuration changes with it.

However, I just can't figure out how to login to it.

First, it reports :
Firmware Revision = 1.81 Device type = iLO 2 Driver name = hpilo

From what I can see, the latest firmware should be 2.05 or 2.01 but the firmware link here : seems to show that it is Japanese ?? Am I right or mad ? Is there an English version as I can't see it !

Secondly, I am using the embedded network controller. I want to connect to ILO via the network. Does it need its own network card or can it share the embedded controller ? If I set the IP address for ILO to the same as the embedded NIC, I can't get in. I have changed the default access ports for http, https & SSH as I already run services on these ports.

Should it be set to a different IP on the same controller or a different IP on a separate card ?

From the System Management Page I can see the following :
Model: Integrated Lights-Out 2
Serial Number: ILOGB8633HEB2
Firmware Version: 1.81 - 01/15/2010
Active License Type: None
License Key: N/A
iLO 2 Security Override Switch: Security Enabled
Interface Status: OK

One thing I have just noticed is that it had a Licence key there before but my guess is that the reset has wiped that out. That's very annoying....

Any idea how I can get it back - the box was 2nd hand so I doubt I can get the original ?

One other small point is that the HP System Management/ Diagnostics don't seem to be able to pick up the SMART status of the drives. They are Standard HP 250GB SATA drives. smartctl recognises them (though it says they are not in its device database). Is this the right place to ask or is there a better forum for this question ?

Sorry to be so stupid, but though the level of documentation is immense, there is a shortage of some clear and simple stuff !

Any help & some simplified explanations would be gratefully received !

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Oscar A. Perez
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Re: Newbie ILO2 / ML310G3 questions

Here is the link for iLO2 2.05 Linux component.

iLO2 has its own NIC and you need a separate network cable for iLO2 and its own IP address.
The ML310G3 doesn't support the "Shared NIC" that newer servers do that allows you to access iLO2 via the embedded NIC.

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Re: Newbie ILO2 / ML310G3 questions

Thanks for the reply. Funny as I didn't recall seeing another network port on the rear !

However I can confirm you are spot on right thanks. Have to find me another cable !

Any ideas on HP System Management/ Diagnostics and Smart status, or where I can look for an answer ?

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Re: Newbie ILO2 / ML310G3 questions

Here are some links:
and from there got to 'Linux Whitepapers' to find the
'Managing ProLiant servers with Linux HOWTO':

Also, there is this little known HP repo: