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Not Able to login at HP ILO

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Not Able to login at HP ILO

Hi All,
I have configure the hp ilo Sever Proliant DL 380 G5.
My company does not have active directory.
When i am putting the ip address at the browser a new page is opening with the error is " Invalid Directory Server address or port ". below the Login name and password are case sensitive. I am not able to understand how to fix this problem because my company does not have active directory.. Please find attached screen shot of erro... please help me
Oscar A. Perez
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Re: Not Able to login at HP ILO

Screenshot shows you have a 4+ years old iLO2 firmware version.
I would upgrade the iLO2 firmware to 2.05 first then, I would reset iLO2 to factory defaults by either using HPONCFG from the OS or from the iLO2 RBSU (pressing F8 during POST)

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Re: Not Able to login at HP ILO


"Invalid Directory Server address or port"
Reason: The specified Directory Server address was empty, or the port number was set to 0. Specify the correct server address or port.

From the iLO2 Administration Tab, check the Directory Settings.
Enter a valid "Directory Server Address" default is
This parameter specifies the Directory Server DNS name or IP address. HP recommends using a DNS name or multi-host DNS name. If an IP address is used, the directory will not be available if that server is down.

Enter a valid "Directory Server LDAP Port" default is 636
This option sets the port number used to connect to the directory server. The SSL-secured LDAP port number is 636.

Hope this helps you fix the issue.

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Re: Not Able to login at HP ILO

Thanks for the reply.
Actually we are working in workgroup environment. There is no active directory so i hope there should not be any directory server. if there is no directory server then what ip address i should give ... please help me...