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Number of Trap destinations for trap forwarding

John E. Heffner
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Number of Trap destinations for trap forwarding

I have looked through RIloe and Riloe II manuals for trap Destination limitations. We are running an environment with all models of Lights Out. Please confirm Riloe can do only one trap forwarding destination. Riloe II can do three but what is the seperator (comma ?)? And ILO ?
Also a previous post quotes a manual that the LO's need to be on the same subnet or network as SIM box. True or general rule ? Thank You.
Ed Cox
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Re: Number of Trap destinations for trap forwarding

Riloe I supports one trap destination.
The iLO definitely supports 3 trap destinations per the xml script file. As far as what needs to separate them, I'm not sure since I usually script the values. Try a comma and see if that works.
Many companies I deal with put their iLOs and Riloes on a separate management network (i.e. a 192.168.x.x type subnet) than their servers (including SIM)are on, so putting your iLOs and Riloes on a different subnet shouldn't be an issue. These companies are still able to discover and receive traps through IM 7 or SIM as long as IM 7 or SIM have access to the management network.
Don't know if any of this helps...
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