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Only first page or two of WEB session loads quickly.

Cameron at Univ. of Was
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Only first page or two of WEB session loads quickly.

This problem is really killing me.

I have a remote DL320 G5p running iLO 2 1.80 at a remote location.

The problem is basically, when I initiate an HTTP session to the machine,
the login page loads fine, and usually the next page, the 'Status Summary'
page loads fine.

But when I try accessing pages beyond that, pages start taking
minutes to load (1-10 minutes for a page to load).
so, I can get the remote console working,
but it may take 20-30 minutes just to navigate and open the few pages to get there.
And it may take 20-30 minutes to get the virtual media applet to open!

At this point I will have to leave the box alone for some period before
the first page will load quickly again.

Interestingly, the remote console works fine once open!

This behavior appears on both IE/Firefox, and all my other network connectivity
appears fine.

The system is in a remote data center, so I have little control over the environment,
but I believe that the IO connectivity to the box is fairly good.

The system is running a shared NIC.

I had an OS installed on the system, and REP worked flawlessly, and SSH seems
to work fine to the iLO controller.

I have tried the following:
changing the IP address (was someone arping on my ip?)
setting the dns hosts to
changing the default gw (maybe icmp packets causing a problem?)
disabling snmp

Any ideas to try to help with this would be sincerely appreciated!