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Power Redundancy 'Caution' category alert in IML

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Power Redundancy 'Caution' category alert in IML

Hi all, had an issue with a power supply failing on a DL380 G7 with the error logged to the IML. The error logged (I don't have a screen shot as the issue is now marked resolved in the IML (ILO 3) unless someone can point me to a historical log locally) was as best as I can remember 'Caution, power supply failed, power redundancy is lost'. 

Beacuse of the Caution category, this error was not logged in HP SIM or in the ESX Console (machine is an ESX Host) subsequently 2 days later, power was lost to half the rack and this time Critical category alerts were immeditaly logged for other Servers. On the host in question, it went dark as their was no redundant power supply which we didn't know had failed.

Has anyone seen this 'Caution' error and is there any option to change it to Critical. Or is there a way to upgrade any alerts coming in to HP SIM marked as Caution to Critical. My feeling is the alert is being miss categorised by the ILO as if I pull the power cord an Critical alert is generated, but if the power supply fails only a Caution is logged, yet the outcome is the same. We can see similar alerts being logged as Critical from Windows hosts where they are running the system management homepage agent so this feels like an ILO specific issue. 

Many thanks in advance.