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ProLiant SSL-gate (!)

Gerrit Heinen - T-ICT B
Occasional Contributor

ProLiant SSL-gate (!)

After waiting for about 3 years, HP finally came with iLO FW 2.00. Promising!, maybe they changed the way SSL certificates are handled in iLO.
YESSSS!! The option FQDN appeared when requesting a SSL certificate.
But unfortunately, apparently the testing department has been sleeping during working hours…
Let me tell you the steps I’ve taken:
Upgrade to iLO FW2.00
Changed the ‘iLO 2 Subsystem Name’ to ‘ iLO-Server’
Changed the ‘Domain Name’ to ‘’ (pay attention to the DOT as first character)
Restarted iLO.
Request certificate, copied request, put into the advanced certificate site of our own CA.
Issued the certificate (look promising, because the FQDN is really in the common name!)
Donwloaded the certnew.cer and edited with notepad, copied text and pasted into step 3.
OK! Certificate accepted! Please restart.
BUT after restarting, the default iLO certificate has become active! ARRGGGHHH

Did the same procedure but then with the option ‘Short Name’. This works as it has been working before!
But what is the point of having a certificate with only the short name ‘iLO-SERVER’ instead of ‘
Another thing:
When using our own CA, only 2003 CA works with self-signing SSL from iLO devices.
We tried to issue iLO certificates to a new Windows 2008 R2 with CA installed, but iLO cannot handle the output generated with CA 2008R2. It says:
X.509 Certificate Import Error
The Certificate could not be imported from the supplied X.509 Certificate data.

Check the following:
- Make sure that the input text was base64 encoded X.509 Certificate data.
- Make sure that the input X.509 Certificate data was intended for this server (not another server).

Concluding this: HP iLO department still did not manage to create a good SSL code!
Other whis-list:
Option to insert already purchased wildcard SSL.

I deeply hope someone of the iLO programming department is reading this, and hopefully they will put some effort in correctly programming a more then 3 year old pain in the ***.

Thank u for your time.